Liquid Packing Designs dominate in Market

Today’s food manufacturers of viscous and liquid products are looking for ways to extend shelf life of products without refrigeration or long periods of heat treatment. Ultra clean-fill and aseptic packaging methods provide an ideal solution. Inherent advantages are short heating times and the usage of low temperatures compared to traditional sterilization methods. Additionally, this gentle way of processing minimizes flavor loss and enables food products to remain shelf-stable without adding chemicals, preservatives or the need for cooling. This results in less damage to color, taste, texture, structure and nutrient quality.

Types of Liquid Packing thermoforming solutions for sterile packaging

thermoforming solutions for sterile packaging


We are proud to be a supplier of liquid packaging board for the leading packaging producers around the world. We work hard to secure a seamless supply and to make sure our customers appreciate us and liquid packaging solutions. Our global network is the foundation of our services and an unparalelled asset. Other packing solutions are as below:

  • Plastic bottle
  • Advanced liquid film
  • Liquid carton
  • Liquid packaging pouch
  • Thermoforming packaging
  • Liquid Sachet Packing


Two factors to be considered to improve packing performance:

Fill Temperatures Affect Viscosity of Liquids

The temperature at which the liquid product will be filled is very important to the packaging project, specifically when it comes to the product filler. When heated, most liquid products flow more readily. Picture the consistency of frosting or motor oil as it is heated; its viscosity lowers significantly and it becomes much more free-flowing. To provide the most efficient PACKAGING SOLUTION FOR A LIQUID PRODUCT, providing an accurate fill temperature is a must.


Size Matters When it Comes to Particulates

Liquids like salad dressings, soups, and sauces often contain particulates. These particulates are usually spices and flavor additions like small vegetable pieces. Particulates can be suspended in the liquid  liquids_packaging_salad_dressing.jpgproduct or they can settle toward the bottom of the fluid. When packaging liquids with particulates, special care needs to be taken to accurately describe and measure their average size and general properties. The presence of particulates will determine the type of liquid product filler your packaging machinery requires for the most accurate and unimpeded dispensing.

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