KOS Stamp Punch, Your Wise Choice

KOS company has accumulated more than 20 years of production experience in Seal Carving industry. A large quantity of customers all over the world have chosen us as a trustworthy supplier due to our high quality and considerate service. All sorts of punch sets could be found in KOS. Standard Steel matrix are in stock with large quantity, we will ship your goods that very day you placed an order. However, the non-standard ones or with special requirement should be custom-made, our subordinate factory will finish your goods as soon as possible. We always put customer benefits first, so we deeply believe that only good quality products could bring more benefits and trust for both customers and us. Hence, our stamp punches are manufactured with incomparable features:
1.Material technology
KOS stamp punch set are made of stainless steel or metal alloy, tempered to 58HRC rockwell hardness. After quenching or high frequency hardening, the punches are hard enough to mark numbers, characters, images on wood, leather or other metals, like brass, copper, steel, aluminum. High quality material and rigid technology make our stamp punches preferable with high surface hardness, durability and longevity.
2.Punch design
Letter punch, number punch set, and logo&making stamp punch are available from us. Every set is fabricated in reasonable design. Every font  has been manufactured by precision grinding in order to ensure a uniform depth of the tag in each. Fine workmanship and standard design guarantees a satisfying punching effect.

3.Use and installation
It is rather convenient to use stamp punches, especially for the handheld punches. Just tap the steel matrix slightly, the tag will be marked on the work-pieces clearly and precisely. You could press anywhere and any time, hence it saves time and manpower. In addition, it is also suitable for marking and numbering letter and logo on work-pieces, such as marking steel seal for bike, automobile, motocycle, etc.
4.Creative design
Besides above mentioned punches, we still offer custom-make service. Some non-standard punches or punches with special requirement could be tail-made. Punches with digital, English, Russian, Chinese, special characters, designs, logo, trademarks could be found; punches that are concave and convex, positive and negative are both available.

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