KOS Semi-Automatic Lipstick Heating and Filling Machine

In the process of making lipsticks, before filling the mixed paste into lipstick molds, it is necessary to get the mixture heated and fully stirred. Therefore, the heating and filling machine is indispensable in lipstick production.

KOS Heating and Filling Machine is made of stainless steel with the capacity of 15L, which consists of a mixing tank, gear motor, agitator, liquidometer, control panel, stand and discharge hole. The blending device of the machine adopts high-quality gear motor with 220V AC voltage. There is an LED temperature control display in the control panel, so it is easy to operate the panel and adjust the temperature while heating. Besides, the discharge hole is convenient to disassemble for cleaning and there is a valve controlling filling volume. The stand is also beautifully designed to be durable and stable. Regarding the working principle of the machine, the mixing tank is equipped with the transmission device (gear motor) to drive the agitator in the tank. The machine heats and stirs the input materials at the same time, with one button for controlling the temperature and the other for the stirring process. The removable design makes the machine easy to clean and convenient to operate.

lipstick machine

The heating and filling machine is suitable for melting, mixing, heating and stirring water aqua, lipsticks, canyons, Vaseline, lip balms, etc. It is especially good for small batch of production of lipsticks, laboratory trial cosmetics, food industry and medicine industry. Moreover, it is an ideal and economical small device for daily chemical industry.
lipstick machine

In brief, there is four advantages of our machine. First, the operation is easy with a simple control panel. Second, the efficient filling device is great for family-owned enterprises. Third, made of stainless steel, the lipstick machine is much more durable. Fourth, the machine adopts a superior gear motor with high power and stable performance, which is well suited to long-time working.

Most importantly, there is something we need to pay attention to during the operation. Before heating, water should be added to the interlayer to prevent the heat pipe from burning. For processing solid materials, they must be heated to melt before stirring. Otherwise, the motor would be destroyed. When water is used as the heating medium, it can be heated to less than 100 degrees centigrade. For more than 100 degrees centigrade, thermal oil can be used as the heating medium. Meanwhile, please dismantle the liquidometer. The maximum heating temperature of this machine is 300 degrees centigrade. Besides, the water inlet should not be blocked. To ensure safety, the shell must be grounded.

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