KOS Lipstick Chillers for Freezing Lipsticks

Most women like to wear lipsticks to work or to the party. They believe that lipsticks  make them happy as well as help them to gain charisma. At present, lipsticks are becoming one of the daily necessities, but do you know that they are born by being frozen?

Generally speaking, the two major steps for making lipsticks are manufacturing and cooling. With the continuous enrichment of people’s concepts of beauty and health, their demands for lipsticks are getting higher and higher. The quality of this product depends, to some extent, on how it is frozen. Therefore, it seems that only high-quality equipment can meet customers’ needs and KOS Lipstick Machine is definitely your perfect choice.

KOS has two kinds of lipstick chillers — the lipstick freezing machine and the lipstick freezing tunnel. The lipstick freezing machine is well suited to the cooling and shaping of lipsticks, lip balms and crayons. It is fast to get things frozen and easy to operate. The timing of refrigerating time can be set and the parameters of cryogenic temperature can also be set as needed. In short, the lipstick freezing machine features perfect temperature performance, reliable performance and easy maintenance.


lipstick machine


As regards the lipstick freezing tunnel, it is particularly designed for large-scale automatic production lines. It is made of stainless steel, with double layer insulation for reducing the loss of cool air and double layer sealed door leaves for boosting the sealing property of the machine. Besides, it is equipped with the conveyor belt to connect the rest of the production process, which makes the connection more convenient and helps simplify the work procedure to increase efficiency. The tunnel adopts the air-cooling mode for it is not easy to form droplets of water and has fast freezing speed, usually in 1 to 3 minutes. In addition, the compressor is so efficient that different refrigeration systems can be adopted according to the required temperature of products to meet the maximum production needs and achieve remarkable energy-saving effect. With mature and stable refrigeration parts, an accurate control system and safety protection device, the freezing tunnel can be ensured to run stably and have a long lifespan.


lipstick machine


In sum, our cooling machines are made to accelerate the cooling and forming process of lipsticks. You can also customize your own machine in KOSBEST. We are always ready to provide you with professional lipstick making machines.

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