Items Should Be Paid Attention to before and during Using Emulsifying Pump


Emulsifying pump is applied for food industry, chemical industry, cosmetic industry and pharmacy industry. Under the high centrifugal force, the materials are sucked into the chamber by the strong axial suction produced by fast-turning rotor driven by the motor. Within the shortest time, the materials will be processed by the operation of dispersion, shearing and emulsification, after which the size distribution will be within a narrow range and the finished products will be fine and stable for a long period. Comparing to other emulsifying equipment, the greatest advantage of emulsion pumps is that is can deal with large batch of products and keep continuous production. To better use the machine, some items should be emphasized no matter before operation or during operation.

Before you operate the emulsion pump, you need to check following steps to ensure safety:

  • Check whether the electrical device of emulsion pump is in good condition, and examine whether electrical device and cable lose explosion or not and inspect whether cables hang well or not
  • Examine connecting bolt around all joints of emulsion pumps is loose or not and check the coupling is in good condition
  • Check water quality of water pipe.
  • Check filter parts in the liquid tank is complete or not.
  • Check the position of liquid pipe to ensure no friction between liquid pipe and cable. Usually speaking, cable is not allowed to hang in the same side of liquid pipe.

mixer emulsifier

During working, items should be paid attention to:

  • Observe all kinds of instruments (pressure, oil level, oil temperature gauge) and signs. Frequently check the liquid level in the tank, temperature and pressure of pump.
  • Be careful for the sound in the run time is normal or not.
  • Be careful for sealing of plunger is leaking or not and lubricationis normal or not.
  • Be careful for all parts is normal or not,
  • Be careful for pipeline pulsation. If any abnormal, please change the pump.
  • Be carefulfor performance period of pump. Generally speaking, about 4 hours to rotate the pump once.

If you abide by what we wrote above, you can easily operate emulsion pumps. Besides this, you need to pay attention to other items. For example, you should place emulsion pumps in the smooth and steady area to avoid unnecessary crash caused by high-low fluctuations. Taking good care of it will prolong its life time and save money for your factory. If interested, please subscribe our email for newest information: or visit our website directly:


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