Introduction of tablet tooling and multi-tip tooling

As one of the worlds leading tablet tooling manufacturers KOS has been instrumental in introducing many innovative and unique developments to the industry including the ‘Rotating Head’,‘Universal Seal Groove’, and is author of the industry’s leading global tooling standard the Eurostandard.

KOS have been leading the way in the production of Multi-tip tools for over 25 years; this experience has culminated in today’s impressive array of configuration options to suit many products in several industries including: Pharmaceutical;Nutraceutical; Detergent; Cosmetic;Veterinary; Confectionery and various industrial applications.

KOS understands the demand for increased productivity within modern tablet production. We are always striving to ensure that our punches and dies are at the very leading edge of tooling design, allowing our customers to retain a competitive edge. To assist our partners in their quest for increased capacity we developed our Multi-Tip and Micro-Tip range of Multiple Tip tooling.
Many PharmaCote® treatments & coatings and PharmaGrade® steels can be used in conjunction with Multi-tip tablet tooling  designs in order to create a robust tooling solution that is capable of being both incredibly productive and durable at the same time.
KOS also offers very competitive lead times on these tooling systems. This document is a reflection of the current designs and configurations available. KOS Research and Development and design teams are constantly working on new solutions.

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