Installation, Debugging and Troubleshooting of Paste Filling Machine


Paste filling machine, utilizing compressed air as power, is an automatic filling system which consists of precision pneumatic components. Easy construction, reliable performance, convenient adjustment, it’s not only suitable for all kinds of liquid, viscosity flow and paste filling, but also can work in the inflammable and explosive environment. Therefore, it’s ideal filling equipment for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics etc. As the most advanced filler, all the wetted parts of paste filling machine are adopted superior quality stainless steel, which is anti-rust. Today we will introduce installation, debugging and troubleshooting of paste filling machine.

  1. First look over the device and connecting line has become flexible or fell off or not. Check whether the equipment is damaged or screws are loose because of any crash during the process of transporting.
  2. Respectively connect power supply of 220V, and adjust the pressure between 0.2-0.6Mpa(If you buy KOS paste filling machine, we will adjustit well before it leaves factory)
  3. Adjust the height of filling nozzle according to the one of bottles or containers. Usually, it’s about 5-10mm when the filling nozzle dives into the bottle. Set the filling volume according to your own required filling volume. Change the filling volume through the time on the time relay. First demarcate with measuring cup or electronic scale, and then fine control its accuracy until you want. Maximal error won’t be more than ±0.5%. Based on different viscosity of liquid and size of bottles, you can fair adjust filling speed. For instance, the high viscosity can easily cause foam, so filling speed should be decreased, which can be achieved by the manual control valve of the regulating tank.
  4. When switch on the power supply and press filling button on, the machine will automatically do its working process such as filling, stoppingand fluid infusion.

Single Head Semi Automatic Paste Filler, 1000-5000ml Filling Machinery

  • Common troubleshooting
  1. Check the power supply and pressure if the machine doesn’t work
  2. Filling volume error is big:
  • There is some air in the below fluid pipe, so you may need to press foot pedal several times to exhaust air;
  • The feeding fluid pipe is not sealed well. Chucking the connecting pipe;
  • The distance between the filling nozzle and the bottleneck is too close, under which circumstance the liquidwill flow into the bottle along with  Just adjust the distance between the filling nozzle and the bottleneck;
  • Operation or filling speed is too fast. Slow down the speed.
  • Liquid lever of feeding liquid tank is low, and should be 1.5-2m

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