Install WATSON/VIAGRA/PFIZER/Multi-tip Tooling on Tablet Press Machine ZP-9

Recently, we have heard many of our customers’ complaining about their difficulty in installing irregular-shaped tablet tooling and multi-tip tooling on rotary tablet press machine. Indeed, installing the irregular-shaped tablet tooling is not the same as installing the normal round shape punch tooling, at least not that easy, but, actually, something are alike. We will make a demonstration by installing the irregular shaped WATSON, VIAGRA,PFIZER tablet tooling and multi-tip tooling on ZP-9. Other special or odd-shaped tooling can be installed in the same way. For a better understanding, we will offer a video tutorial at the end of this paper.
1.First of all, you need to make sure that the turning table on the machine is fitting for irregular-shaped punch tooling, or you need to replace it.


2.Remove the side doors, the block tongue(from upper guide rail), and the baffle(from lower guide rail), then install on a hand-wheel for better controlling of turret.
3.Set the middle die above the turret, and insert the upper punch from block tongue position. Pay attention to the key pin whose direction should be adjusted in accord with the turret. And adjust or rotate the position of middle die to make the upper punch tip plumb into the die hole.


4. Take away the upper punch. Knock down the middle die into turret. Be careful to ensure that middle die is parallel to the surface of turret.


5.Then set in the upper punch and lower punch. And fix the middle die by a screw. Turn the turning table by rotating the hand-wheel to install another station of punch tooling.
The way of installing special shaped tablet tooling on rotary tablet press ZP-9 is common for ZP-5, ZP-7, ZP-11, etc.

More details are revealed from the following video. Any questions about tablet press machine and punches&dies, do not hesitate to contact us

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