Influences Affected by Shearing Force of Lifting Vacuum Emulsifying Machine

Lifting vacuum emulsifying machine plays an significant role in the stirring system of industrial equipment, especially in the mixture of solid with liquid, liquid with liquid, emulsification of oil and water, dispersing, homogenizing, shearing and grinding.  Emulsion will be formed after through mixture with mediums in the oil phrase and water phrase. To realize emulsification, two factors should be required. One is the strong mechanical cutting and dispersing effect, which cuts and disperses fluid mediums in the oil and water phrases to fine granules, and then granules gather and combine together, mixing each other at the same time. Finally emulsion forms. The other is that suitable emulgators,  act as bridge or medium between hydrone and oil structure, will stably store the emulsions of oil and water based on our expect time through the function of charge and intermolecular forces.

lifting vacuum emulsifying machine

Shearing force of lifting vacuum emulsifying machine will affect the final fineness. After analysis, it is mainly connected with, degree of keenness of blade,   hardness, gap between rotor and stator,  kinematic velocity of two cutting blades, diameter of granules approved. Generally speaking, degree of keenness of blade,   hardness, gap between rotor and stator and diameter of granules approved is finalized and no change any more, so the kinematic velocity of two cutting blades is the most important factor to affect it.  It proved that the higher circumference linear velocity of rotor (the stator is fixed), the higher of density of fluid cutting and impacting. Thus, stronger  fineness. Vice-versa.

However, it is not said that the biggest the linear velocity, the best of it. When the linear velocity reaches a very high value, it is easy to form resisting trends, and the flow will become smaller. Finally the equipment is easy to generate heat.  If the machine isn’t equipped with cooling system, some material will aggregate together.

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