Influence of Temperature on Emulsification

In the emulsion process of a emulsification machine, there are a lot of influence factors including the temperature, impurities, corrosive effect, working load and so on. Here we give you a brief introduction of the temperature in the emulsification process.


The temperature has an impact not only on the environment but also on people’s life and bodies. For example, when working in excessively high temperature, the mechanism of body temperature regulation is temporarily blocked and the heat accumulation in the body causes heat stroke easily. However, if the temperature is too low, the blood vessels of the human body become brittle to get ruptured and life-threatening. Moreover, it has an effect on the absorption of nutrients and the intake of vitamins and salts. Apart from the influence on the environment and the human beings, the temperature also influences the emulsification effect a lot.


Although the emulsification temperature has a great influence on the quality of the emulsification, there is no strict control of the temperature during the emulsification process. For instance, when the oil and the water are both liquid, it is possible that they can be stirred to achieve the purpose of emulsification at room temperature. Generally, the temperature of the emulsification is determined by factors such as the melting point of the higher melting substance in the two phases, the type of the emulsifier, and the solubility of the oil phase and the water phase. Additionally, the temperature of the two phases should be kept approximately the same, especially the compositions with a high melting point which is above 70℃ such as wax and grease oil. To get them emulsified, the low temperature water phase cannot be added in order to prevent the crystallization of wax and fat and avoid a rough and uneven emulsion. In the emulsification, the temperature of the oil phase and the water phase can be controlled between 75℃ and 85℃. If there is wax in the oil phase, the emulsifying temperature should be higher because the wax has a high melting point. What’s more, if the viscosity increases, it will also affect the agitation. Then we need to increase the temperature of the emulsification properly. If the emulsifier used has a certain phase inversion temperature, the emulsification temperature should also be around it.


Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to details if you desire perfect emulsification effect. We sincerely hope that you can get the maximum emulsion effect out of the emulsion mixer machine in continuous exploration with us.



This article talks about the influence of temperature on emulsification.



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