Impacts on Pill Press and Pill Dies Design

The design of a pill press machine is critical in optimizing productivity of the manufacturing process. In this article, I will take you through an in-depth analysis on the effects of the pill press design,in terms of the tooling, tablet and the dwell time of the machine.

Above all, compression tooling is of great significance for the reason that it determines the shape and size of the tablets and ameliorate the ultimate performance characteristics. Hence with the developing of the industry, the standardization of the tablet compression tooling is becoming increasingly vital, which can make the replacement of the components more convenient and avoid loss. For this, we need to rigidly comply with the Tablet Specification Manual (TSM) and Euro Standard (EU) requirements for tablet tooling and adopt the recommended specification of tooling, comprising the corresponding punch diameter, die diameter, punch length for diverse size for tables. Only by doing this can we decrease the modification of the components and manufacture the precise tablets.

Impacts on Pill Press and Pill Dies Design


The system of tablet press. Image source: Wikipedia


From this image, we can notice that the pill press die is of sovereign importance, it not only influences the compression profile, but also affects the dwell time. These factors can be designed with modifying the punch head radius and head flat, which contributes to fabricate the suitable tablets. This can be illustrated with a simple example, as a ideal merchandise, a pill should be easy to swallow as well as include a good shape, breakline, coating and profile, among other factors. To achieve this ultimate goals, we should consider some underlying elements. In case you intend to have heavily embossed tablets, it needs to avoid profiles with deep cuts, because the tablets with deep cuts may have softer cores and these can lead to erosion or sticking. In conclusion, a ideal design of the tablet making machine should permit various fabrication.

If we want to manufacture the high precision tablet, the dwell time of the pill press can not be ignored. On the one hand, exerting too much compression force will damage the press or cause tool failure. On the other hand, using too little compressive force can not press granules or powder effectively. This situation can be dominated with considering the size of punch head so as to meet the right specifications.

Every pharmaceutical company is desirous to purchase suitable pill press machine. They need to take elements range from the tablet requirements, the appropriate tooling, and the machine specification into account, and thereby achieve the ultimate objectives.

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