How Wine Filling Machine Work?


Wine filling machine is used in filling alcohol, spirit, grape wine, red wine etc. The filling valve adopts high precision mechanical bottling valve, with the character of no bottle no vacuum pumping. Open gear combines gear box transmission, with on-off device. Frequency conversion velocity modulation device extends the speed modulating scope. This machine installed with self-oil lubrication device so that the lubrication points could be lubricated regularly in time. Wine jar and capping head are driven by manual, also can drive by electricity to fit different sizes of bottles. The material height in the tank is controlled by electric probe to make sure the precise liquid level. So it is a good option for the wine factory. Regarding how wine filling machine work, detailed steps are as follows.

Filling Machine

  1. Connect inlet of workbin to material delivery pipe. Stop valve and filter should be added to feed pipe.
  2. Open the stop valve to feed into workbin and switch all hand control valves to make material in the workbin flowing into measuring cylinder.
  3. Place containers or bottles under the nozzle of machine. Adjust the width of handrail based on the diameter of containers. Usually speaking, the width of handrail is wider 5-10mm than the diameter of containers.
  4. According to the height of container, adjust the bottle baffle, bottle jamming device and lower feeder nozzle. Keep the bottle baffle, board of bottle jamming device and bottleneck in the same level. Lower feeder nozzle should be 10mm higher than the one of bakie when nozzle lifts to the highest position. Bakie will be 10mm higher than the bottleneck. Feeder nozzle should be in alignment with the center of container. Adjustment can be realized by the hand wheel of lifting platform.
  5. Adjust the photoelectric position inspected by turnover bottles, making photoelectric distance to the bottleneck within 10mm. Adjust photoelectric sensitivity so that sensor signal lamp will light each time through each sample.
  6. Place consistent number of containers in the filling area. Enter into Manual Setting in the touch screen. When bayonet get stuck in the bottleneck, the lower feeder nozzle will be in alignment with the center of bottleneck.
  7. Enter into the page of Measuring Adjustment and input overall measurement.
  8. Having adjustment of all, close safety gate and then enter into the page of Control Platform, click Filling Stop. Start filling procedure, the filling machine will pack fully automatically.

Above are the steps of how to operate a wine filling equipment.  This machine uses new generation stainless steel spring washing clips and the clips do not contact the upside of bottle screw avoiding the second pollution. It can both clear the inside and the outside of the bottle. We KOS sell wine filling machines to all over the world. If interested, please kindly visit:


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