How to Use Emulsifying Mixer?

Benefit from the reasonable and stable structure, the emulsifying mixer has won lots of praise from our customers home and abroad. Operating with its advanced mature processing craft, it has become one of the most widely-used industrial machines. The undissolved materials in mixing vessel could be finally dissolved under the help of strong centrifugal force generated by the high speed rotating of a set of emulsifying head, stator and rotor. During the rotating process, the materials have been thoroughly extruded, impacted, dispersed, homogenized and emulsified, then become a steady mixing product.

KOS Industry has concentrated on producing industrial machines for many years, which makes it experienced in machine manufacturing and customize-make. WRL high shear emulsifying mixer is a vertically-mounted mixing machine. It means that it needs auxiliary equipment-lifter to fix the emulsifying machine to a proper position, suspending in the mixing vessel. Here are some tips for operating the machine and lifter:




  1. During working process of high shear emulsifying machine, it is feasible to unscrew the bolt that also need to be unscrewed when refuel oil into the hydraulic cylinder.
  2. Rotate the hand wheel of machine to adjust the machine to a proper position. Generally speaking, the most suitable position is suspended above the mixing vessel bottom from twice to three times of the diameter of emulsifying head.
  3. The choice of emulsifying machine is dependable on the materials(liquids) needing to be processed. According to the instructions, use suitable stator and rotor to mix the liquids to the best emulsifying effect. Whilst pay attention to the rotary blade, adjust the machine and keep the rotary blade working on the upper position.
  4. After emulsifying process, rotate the hand wheel to pull up the emulsifying head to the highest position, in order to make convenience for us to move mixing vessel. If need lower down the emulsifying head, just unscrew the bolt of switch.


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