How To Use And Maintain The Lab High Shear Homogeneous Mixer

The high shear homogeneous mixer is preferred and selected by more and more manufacturers. There are many different kinds of homogeneous mixers in the emulsifying machine. All of them can not only improve the quality, but also enhance the work efficiency. However, distinguished from other types of high shear homogeneous mixer, the lab one is widely used in the minimum creamy materials to figure out whether they are high performance or not. If say yes, congratulations to you all that the products can be put into production completely. If not, it would be better for them to repeat the process again and again until they are well tried. Moreover, featuring in its foot cabinet, the lab homogenizer is easier and more convenient for the users to operate and be placed on. How to use and maintain it becomes a serious problem.

1.Make sure that the ground wire is connected well with the socket before turning on the machine. Otherwise, it may cause fire accident. Moreover, confirm the switch of speed regulation control cabinet. It is suggested to be turned off instead of turned on in case of sudden operation of the mixer. Checking the hand wheel of speed regulation is admirable.

2.Running without liquid phase is forbidden. The running empty bucket has a great impact on the homogenizer mixer. The mixer will suffer from the high shear force created by the fast-running mixer when it runs without liquid. It will shorten the lifespan of mixer in that the fast-running force will spoil the bearing. As a result, the machine fault will come out frequently. Therefore, it is cardinal for the users to place great emphasis on the running of mixer.

3.Figure out the right stators. The proper stator is the icing on the cake. Not only can it allow the mixer to work effectively and efficiently, but also it can improve the emulsifying effects. Thus, it would be better for the users to choose the right stators.

4.Keep the mixer neat and clean will make the inline homogenizer always in the best state. After finishing the emulsifying job, rehabilitate the hand wheel first. And then turn off the machine and cut the power. It is vital for the users to clean the work head as soon as they can so that they can operate the mixer effectively and efficiently next time.
5.If the mixer will not be used for a long time, the users had better overhaul and maintain it before they use the machine.

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