How to Operate Liquid Filling Machine Correctly


Liquid filling machine is one of the packaging equipment which normally fills low consistency material such as liquid. It is divided into atmospherically pressure filling machine, pressure filler and vacuum filling machine. KOS machinery is providing fine varieties of liquid filling machines which are known for high quality, personalized designs, easy operation, high efficiency, strength and fine usage. Our electronic liquid filling machines range in size from portable table top machines to industrial size liquid packaging systems – whatever is needed to get your job done. Usually speaking, the working process of liquid filling machine is as follows. Firstly, pile box filled with empty bottles up in the tray, and transferred by conveyor to depalletizer. Secondly, discharge trays, which makes box transferred by conveyor to discharging vanning. Thirdly, take out empty bottles from box, which will be cleaned and disinfected and passed inspection, and then be entered into filing machine and seal machine. KOS liquid filling machine is easy to operate. However, to ensure safety production, some items should be considered.

  1. Use the stated power and air supply which should meet requirements of liquid filling machine.
  2. Please close air and power supply before unpicking and washing the machine.
  3. There is an electrical control component inside the rear of the machine. Prohibit cleaning the machine with water in order to avoid damaging
  4. To prevent electric shock, a ground wire must be needed to have a better ground connection.
  5. Voltage still exists in the electric control parts even though switching off power supply. Do pull up power wire when inspecting control circuit.

Semi Automatic Single Head Filler, Liquid Filling Machine

Inaccurate filling volume will occur sometimes during using the liquid filling machine, which is very significant for enterprises. If less filling volume, it will affect the reputation of enterprises; if more filling volume, it will have an impact on effort. Actually, many factors will lead to this situation. You need to inspect incoming system; filtering material; clean pipeline; change pneumatic valve and seal ring; clean solenoid valve and silencer; adjust ball valve to reduce impact force; change o ring and adjust magnet switch of injection cylinder. From above measurements, you can judge by yourself when inaccurate filling volume happens. Besides this, liquid leakage occurs frequently. Four elements will lead to this problem. First, lower nozzle is loosened or something is wrong with sealing gasket. Second, there is something wrong with tremie pipe. Third, pneumatic valve and its sealing gasket have problems. Last, sealing ring of injection cylinder is broken.

We KOS provide not only professional customer service, but also video service which means videos we shoot to show our customers how to assemble, operate and maintain machines. So come to visit our website for more interesting information:

  • All-around covering against accidental intervention into the running machine

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