How to Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Tablet Coatings by Using KOS High Shear Homogenizer?


The homogenizer can be widely used in cosmetics, food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint& ink industry etc. Today we mainly introduce the process of manufacturing of pharmaceutical tablet coatings by using KOS high shear mixer.

Coatings generally are made up of colorant, plasticizer, a sugar or cellulose based binder and film forming agent, which are supplied in granulated or powder form for dispersion in aqueous or organic solvents at concentration varying from 10-20% depending on the desired properties and formula. Why pharmaceutical tablets need a coating? The reasons are as follows:

  • To protect the tablet from moisture and other adverse conditions;
  • To conceal unpleasant tastes;
  • To control the release of drug into the body;
  • To make a barrier between the active ingredient and the gastrointestinal tract;
  • To lubricate the tablet in order to swallowing easily.

Processes of using a KOS high shear homogenizer are as here under mentioned.

Step 1: Pour the water or solvent into the homogenizer vessel, with the homogenizer positioned off center to create a vortex, and then add the dry ingredients and granules.

The high speed rotation of the rotor creates a powerful suction which draws the granulated or powdered coating material and liquid into the work head. They are rapidly mixed and driven towards the periphery of the work head by centrifugal force.

Step 2: The intense action provided by the rotor/stator work head milled the granules. And agglomerates are broken down and dispersed. The materials are then forced out through the stator into the body of the mix. Fresh liquid and powdered ingredients are drawn into the work head.

Step 3: This develops a circulatory pattern of mixing within the vessel which ensures that all material passes through the work head many hundreds of times, quickly dissolving the granules into the liquid and progressively reducing the particle size. This is achieved without the need for raised temperatures.

The batch size, formulation, type of ingredients and the viscosity of the end product dictate which machine from the KOS product line is best suited to individual processing requirements:

 high shear homogenizer High Shear batch Mixers:
•Suitable for batch sizes up to 400 gallons.
•Can be used on mobile floor stands.
•Sealed units available for pressure or vacuum operation.
 high shear homogenizer High Shear In-Line mixers:
•Ideal for larger batches
•Easily retro fitted to existing plant
• Self pumping

Therefore, using a KOS emulsifying mixer has many advantages in pharmaceutical mixing such as rapidly reducing the mixing time, agglomerate-free mixing and stable emulsion results. More professional information, please kindly visit our website: or email to

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