How To Make Your Phase Fully Emulsified With The High Shear Emulsifying Machine


There’s no doubt that the high shear emulsifier mixer is preferred and selected by more and more manufacturers in that it can help the makers improve the texture of products. Thus, with the high shear emulsifying machine, the quality of liquid phase will be improved efficiently. Compared with the surfactant, the emulsifying machine is safe and nontoxic. However, not until the users use the machine, did they realize that the emulsifying effectiveness is quite different. How to make the best use of emulsifying machine is an important job for manufacturers. Typically, there are 4 key factors influence the emulsifying effectiveness, type of stator, shearing rate, tooth profile structure and the amount of phase.

No.1 Figure out the right work head type

The function of work heads vary from stator to stator. Generally, there are mainly 4 types of stators. They are round hole, long hole, mesh and claw types respectively, among which the claw type is the most effective. The claw type allows the phase to avoid the dead angle, emulsifying fully. For the phase whose particles are small, it would be better for the users to choose the mesh stator. It is featuring in its dense holes, which allows the small particle to enter the space between stator and rotor. What if the big one? The phase with big particle is suggested to use the round hole. That’s exactly the priority for the big particles. When the phase with big particles was put into the mixer with mesh stator, the emulsifying effectiveness is not as perfect as the round one. Thus, it is quite important for the users to choose the right work head.

No.2 Make it clear about the shearing rate

The shearing rate of high shear homogenizer has a great impact on the emulsifying effectiveness. The higher the shearing rate is, the better the emulsifying effectiveness will be. Just as we mentioned above, the shearing rate of mesh stator is the maximum among the other three stators. With the high shearing rate, the phase will be finer and smoother.

No.3 Check the tooth profile structure

The tooth profile structure is featuring in its “tooth” shape. Not only can the “teeth” add the contact surface of mixer and ingredients, but also they can make the ingredients fully emulsified. The finer the teeth are, the better the emulsified is. Therefore, the amount of teeth plays an important role in the emulsification.
No.4 Have a good control of the amount of phase

When we use the wash machine, we find that the clothes cannot be put too much at the same time. Otherwise, the clothes cannot be cleaned well, reducing the work efficiency of washing machine. So did the homogenizer machine. Supposed that the staying time on the dispersion and dissolve or the motor is the same, the less the phase is, the better the emulsification is.

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