Are you annoyed by the situation that it takes a long time to use up a whole lipstick and you often feel like owning more colors? If you are willing to making homemade lipsticks and interested in more colors, two-tone lipstick is likely to meet your satisfaction. Today, we are going to introduce how to make two-tone lipsticks with the lipstick mold at home.

  • At first, the following picture tells about the construction of two-tone lipstick mold.

lipstick mold kit

From the above picture, you can easily learn that a complete twp-tone lipstick mold is made up of five parts: two upper molds, two lower molds, a division plate, two scrapers, six screws(in order to distinguish clearly, we name separately upper mold A&B, lower mold A&B). Unlike common lipstick mold, the two-tone mold has a division plate, which plays an essential role in dividing two colors. Both of the upper molds and lower molds are made in high quality ultra hard polished aluminum material, which guarantees convenience and durability during and after multiple repeated assembling and disassembling.

  • Eight steps to make two-tone lipstick

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  • Step 1: Choose and assemble an upper mold and a lower mold (A or B is all right)

lipstick molds suppliers

  • Step 2: After putting the division plate on, use two screws to fix them in the middle of the division plate.

lipstick mold manufacturers

  • Step 3: Heat one kind of paste to liquid in advance, and then pour into the half cavities of the mold.

diy lipstick mold

  • Step 4: Freeze the mold in the fridge for about 30 minutes to set solid lipsticks. Scrape the residue paste with the small scraper.

lipstick mold for sale

  • Step 5: Loose the two screws and remove the division plate, thus half of the lipstick is completed.

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  • Step 6: Assemble the rest upper mold and lower mold in order just like the common lipstick mold, and then tighten up all the six screws. (Three screws on the upper mold, three screws on the lower mold)

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  • Step 7: Pour the other color liquid into the mold. Similarly, having frozen the mold for 30 minutes, remove the residue paste on the top with the big scraper.

lipstick molds wholesale

    • Step 8: Take out the two upper molds gently, and absorb the lipstick with a lipstick tube.

multi-cavity mold

12 cavity lipstick mold

Here are the finished products, you can match any two colors as you like.

lipstick tube

Apart from the above bullet shape, square shape & plain top shape two-tone lipsticks to achieve the trendy ombre lips can also be available. For more information at, please contact us via

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