How to Make Supplement Vitamin Calcium on Tablet Press

We know that the tablet press machine is used to make granules to be compacted into tablets. Any tablets made of powder or granule materials can be completed. In such cases, the tablet press is applied in a wide range of industries and, of course, has a wide applications. In the early 20th century, the tablet press was first invented in western countries, and they used the tablet compression machine to make western medicine and pills. Up to now, the tablet press has been applied in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, health-care, daily chemical, cosmetics fields.

And now, people are more apt to concern their health and body building, supplement making is imperative and essential. Some people are interested in making supplements by themselves at home with the mini handheld tablet press, which is safe and easy way to get the tablets. However, some speculators notice this opportunity and turn it into a chance to make various supplement in bulk production. They will use the mixing machine and drying machine to prepare the materials, and tablet press machine to turn them into tablets, and packaging machine to encase the tablets. During such a complete production line, the supplement company has gained a big fame and profit.


As well as the active pharmaceutical ingredients, other substances are included in the formulation, such as diluent, binder, disintegrant, colorant and lubricant. These inactive materials are termed excipients, which are conducive to shape the tablets. It is well known that the tablets can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes based on the intended usage. And often times the designers adapted and enhanced for the aesthetic appearance to improve their public acceptance. Each punch and die set(often referred to as the tablet press tools) in the tabletting process acts as the role of determining the shape and size of the compressed tablets. And the stamp on the tablets are also corresponding to that of the punch tip. Based on the shape and concavity, common punches are categorized in regular use:

  • Shallow concave
  • Standardconcave
  • Deep concave
  • Flat faced plain
  • Flat faced bevel edged
  • Long capsule
  • Oval
  • Round


The punches and dies determines the tablet shape and size. However, the tablet tool set can not work individually. They have to be fit on the tablet press. Under the pressure created by motor, the up and low punch goes oppositely, and then meet in the die cavity with the powder amid. In this way, the incompact powder are thus consolidated into hard tablets. As for the stamp and indentation, customization service is helpful for the special requirement.

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