How to Make Qualified Pills?(3)

Last time we mentioned two ways to make qualified pills, this time we introduce the other three ways.
3.Weight variation
Pill weight is what determines potency of the pill. The weight of a pill should be controlled exactly and produced strictly according to description requirement. Big difference of pill size and pill weight is determined by replacing pill press machine punch die set, while subtle difference is controlled by pressure and volumetric fill. Then the powder flow is required to be evenly and consistently, which means that if the powder density has variation then the final pill weight will change even though the volume is the same. Therefore material flow must be consistent to achieve consistent volumetric fill..
ZP-9A Rotary Tablet Press Machine
4.Delayed disintegration
Pills must disintegrate before they dissolve. Improper utilization of disintegration agent or excessive amount of binders will cause delayed disintegration. In addition, too intense pressure or too coarse granule will also extend the time of disintegration.
Pill defects can come from many places. Black or grey spots could caused by contaminated raw materials, poor cleaning techniques, operating machinery incorrectly and just plain old poor formulation.

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