How to Make Qualified Pills?(1)

Pills come in many shapes and sizes. Besides the pharmaceutical ingredient, commonly referred to as Active Ingredient, other items called excipients are also found in tablet formula. Making good reliable pills not only requires qualified Active Ingredient but also needs the help of excipients. Pills hardness, weight, fragility is closely related to the the utilization of excipients. Key components are illustrated as follow.
Fillers: basically regarded as a bulking agent, it functions as controlling the pill size. It is usually a granulated powder.
handheld tablet press17
Flow agent: these items are designed to help powders flow more fluently.
Binders: a binder is used to help lock the particles together and designed as a powder or in solution.
Lubricants: it is a powder ingredient that used to help make it slick so the particles of powder do not stick to the machine,but to each other.
Even though the excipients greatly help make good pills, during the pill making process, some defects are still bothering us. Making pills by handheld pill press is very easy but the pills may easily occur capping and chipping, weight variation and some fluffy items and other tablet defects, for the pressure is not strong enough and not stable. On the contrary, strong pressure could make hard pills but may also bring about lamination and delayed disintegration. TDP-5, TDP-6 and ZP range of rotary tablet press machine could be adjusted to reach strong pressure.


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