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Have you been attracted by the above gorgeous two color core type lipsticks? Using two kinds of pigments that have two distinctly different colors, ombre lipsticks get! Today, we would like to introduce the two colors core type lipstick mold to you.

  • Structure

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It seems that the structure of two colors core type lipstick mold is more complicated than ordinary ones. Usually, a lipstick mold is made up of three parts: an upper mould, two lowers moulds and several screws. This item, however, is made up of seven parts. Take for example a 12 cavity two colors core type lipstick mold has an ejector, a core-filling device, a lower mould, two central moulds, an upper mould, three screws and a scraper. Each of them is an indispensable part of the mold and possesses its own irreplaceable function. Let’s know more about each part during the two color core lipstick making process.

  • Assemble the central mould

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Merge the two central moulds with three screws, which are also called lower moulds in common lipstick molds.

  • Put the assembled central mould onto the device

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Please ensure that there must have one-to-one correspondence between core rods and cavities. The most important is to guarantee there is no gap between the central moulds and core-filling device. Simply put, the device is played as a barrier, enabling us to make the outer layer of lipstick first.

  • Assemble the upper mould

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This step is very easy, just lay the upper mould on the central moulds. Please note that once the upper mould is assembled, don’t remove it until the whole process finishes. Similarly, there must have one-to-one correspondence between core rods and cavities. After that, you’ll find that the two achieve equal height. Then pour one kind of mixture liquid into the mold and freeze solid. Don’t forget to scrape the residue paste with the small scraper.

  • Eject the core-filling device

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It is time for the ejector to make a difference. Insert the ejector into the two bigger holes of the central mould, which are on the bottom of it. After fixation, grasp both ends of the device with two hands, next vertically press and separate it downwards from the central mould. This is basically the most difficult step, as you need to keep the device’s balance when pressing, or else the whole mould will turn over.

  • Assemble the lower mould

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After separating the core-filling device, hollow lipsticks can be seen. Assemble the whole piece (upper mould & central mould) onto the upper mould. As you may guess, I have to mention “one-to-one correspondence” again. When you get there, I am glad to say the remaining steps are simple and familiar. Pour the other mixture lipstick liquid into the mold as usual, by means of cold forming lipsticks are born . Finally, scrape the residue paste and absorb the lovely two color core type lipsticks with tubes.
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