How to Make High Quality and Flawless Pills on a Rotary Tablet Press?

Tablet production is a significant task that is widely used in pharmaceutical, beauty, metallurgy, cosmetic and others. Compared to pill press, rotary tablet press can deliver quality oriented bulk output in a very short time frame. Therefore in many industries, multiple corporations are urgent in rotary tablet press with high efficiency and multifunction.

Also, these machines maintain tandem with different factors that define the quality of the tablets produced. Some of those factors are mentioned as under:


  1. Thickness

The machine keeps a control on the thickness of the tablet. It results from the amount of granulation filled and the compaction pressure. The latter is the main factor that affects the thickness of the tablet and the weight of tablet is said to be constant, if the filling amount of granulation is assumed to be settled.


  1. Weight

The weight of the tablet is determined by the granulation volume filled in the die cavity. The machine controls the weight in a manner that it removes excess amount of granulation filled in the die cavity. The excess material is then pushed into a channel, which forbids the material to go back in the die cavity. However, it does not preweigh the granulation.


  1. Dwell Time

It involves the time period within which the compression roller of the high speed multiple station rotary tablet press is in contact with each punch head flat. If the dwell time gets more or less, the tablets would be defected. Hence, the machines make sure that the time is given maximum attention.

punch and dies, punch and die set, toolings, punch die

  1. Condition of die punch

Punch lengths and die condition play an important role in the quality of the tablets produced. Hence, they should be kept in good condition and maintained well. Each time you clean the punches, make sure you check for their condition. Further, the die must also be given proper attention, as it affects the appearance and hardness of the tablets. If a tablet is compressed in a worn die, it may result into chipping and capping.


Concerned with the details of tablet manufacturing and give a great focus on all such factors result into high quality output and this way you get access to bulk, flawless tablets in a very short time frame and create greater economic benefits.






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