How to Make A Homemade Lipstick

It would be much safer if you are willing to make a lipstick by yourself, which is helpful to keep away from hazardous chemical element Mercury. We KOSBEST are pleased to make a tutorial to show how to make a homemade lipstick in a simple way.


  1. First you need to prepare the materials and tools as follows,
  2. A set of lipstick mold;
  3. Empty lipstick tube(s);
  4. Lipstick paste;
  5. Heating equipment(alcohol lamp, beaker, tripus, stirring rod);
  6. Other materials (scrapper, paper, lighter);
  7. Refrigerator(optional).


  1. Melt the lipstick paste
  2. Take a piece of lipstick paste into the beaker by the stirring rod;
  3. Light on the alcohol lamp, and heat the beaker until the paste are totally melted into liquid.


3.Pour the liquid into the assembled lipstick mold.

  1. Freeze it in Refrigeratorinto solid shaped.
  2. Take out the upper mold carefully.
  3. Use a scrapper to remove residue paste.
  4. Upside down the empty lipstick tube to absorb the balm into the case


More information can be found in this video. Any questions, please feel free to contact us


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