How to Locate the Lower Punch to A Proper Position

A machine can work well and make satisfactory products on condition that all the mechanical components are located to an optimum position, the lower punch on tablet press machine is no exception. The position of lower punch is closely related to tablet ejection height, filling depth, powder pressing space, etc. It is quite important to know how to locate the lower punch to a proper position, and adjust some other components to cooperate with lower punch to make good tablets. Here we take single punch tablet press TDP-0 as an example:
726single punch tablet press TDP-0

  • STEP 1 Adjust ejection position

After you set the lower punch on, turn the hand-wheel one revolution to observe the position variation of lower punch, whose highest position should be exactly paralleling to the upper surface of die plate. If the ejection point is lower or higher than the die plate, you need to adjust it:

726tablet-press TDP-0

    1. Loose the gear plate to unscrew upper gear.
    2. Spin the upper gear to left, the ejection position will be raised up. Rather, spin the towards right, the ejection position will be lowered down. You could adjust the position by right and left controlling upper gear until it moves to a totally right position.

Finally, tight up the screw and gear plate to fix lower punch.Too high or too low of the lower punch both could give rise to problems:

Possible Problems:
Lower punch too high  :

1.Bucket feeder bumps the lower punch when ejecting.
2.Lower punch collides with upper punch.

Solutions:Turn the upper gear towards right to lowers down lower punch.
Lower punch too low :

1.The pill/tablet is totally in the middle die when ejecting.
2. The pill/tablet is half in the middle die when ejecting, the bucket feeder scratches the pills

 Solutions:Turn the upper gear towards left to raise lower punch.
3. The pills are not compacted.


A. Turn the upper gear towards left to raise lower punch.
B. Increase pressure.

 STEP 2 Adjust filling depth

Filling depth is directly related to the dosage of pills. The lower gear is used to control filling quantity by increasing or reducing the depth of filling.

Turn left to reduce filling depth, right to increase. Then lock the gear plate.

7262tablet-press TDP-0
STEP 3 Adjust punch pressure

Punch pressure is a fundamental factor to influence the tablet thickness as well as tablet hardness. The pressure varies when upper punch connecting rod goes up or down. For security reason, the upper punch connecting rod should be initially installed to its highest position, then turn right two circles each time to make the rod down so as to increase the pressure. During the adjustment of upper punch connecting rod, you could fill some powders to check whether the pressure is enough. Adjust it until you get a satisfactory tablet, then tight up the screw.

7263tablet-press TDP-0


Above mentioned solutions are feasible for other handheld single punch tablet machine, like TDP-1.5, TDP-5, TDP-6. For more professional suggestions, email to

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