How to Improve the Stability of Kos High Shear Homogenizer


Homogenization is a unit operation using a class of processing equipment referred to as homogenizers that are geared towards reducing the size of droplets in liquid-liquid dispersions. Kos high shear homogenizers are designed for the most demanding mixing duties: emulsifying, homogenizing, disintegrating, agglomerating, powder/liquid blending and reaction accelerating with the added advantage of having a high volume, self-pumping capacity. Also, high shear homogenizer offer unrivaled versatility and unmatched efficiency with its stators, rotors and four working heads. However, better improvement in the stability of a high shear homogenizer can greatly enhance its product efficiency and emulsification results.


Powerful kinetic energy generated by high tangential velocity and high frequency mechanical effect through high rotating of rotors makes material in the narrow gap between rotor and stator to exposed to the strong hydraulic shear, centrifugal force, friction, strike etc. Under this circumstance, immiscible phrases such as oil, liquid gas will be dispersed evenly and subtly. High quality product will be stably achieved by high frequency circulation. From this, it is easy to understand that the grain size of dispersion phrase particle should be very small to improve the stability of high shear suspension liquid. But one item should be pointed that as the grain size becomes smaller and smaller, the dissociation effect produced by gravity of particle is the less important factor while the combination force (Van der Wals forces) between particles will be the most important factor as the smaller distance between particles.

Besides, do not ignore the Brownian Movement of particles when the diameter of it is less than a certain small size. Thus, vehement crash of particles will come into being because of Brownian Movement. If stabilizer not added, it is easy to form particle aggregation, which is not beneficial for the stability of the system. In this case, the diameter of particle is not as fine as possible. Product specialty should be considered. Dispersing is a process which reduces the granularity of dispersed phase distributing it in a narrow size range, and achieves mutual balance of attraction and repulsion according to the features and characteristics of materials, thus ensuring the stability of the slurry system.

Kos high shear mixer can achieve better emulsifying results by using a claw type working head. We have four different working heads to meet you different homogenizing needs. Furthermore, we technical team help you analyze your special situations and recommend you the right machine to buy. Please visit our website:


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