How to Handle Abnormal Sound on Tablet Press Machine

No matter for the single punch tablet press or the rotary tablet press machine, the theory of its operation is similar. However, common mechanical failures are also similar to each other during its service process. Generally speaking, mechanical failure ordinarily occurs on guide rail, pinch roller, overload protector and reducer casing, and also on other machine parts. For cost-effective consideration, we should not abandon the machine immediately when it comes up some mechanical failures that actually could be carefully disposed of. With a prompt repair and correct solution, tablet press machine will has an extended long life. The most common malfunction is abnormal sound and vibration of the machine. With the effort of our professional team, we have made a detailed analysis of related machine parts, and come up with some reasonable solutions.

  1. Sound from cushion pad.

Cushion pad should be correctly installed. Every time before operating the machine, the operator should check all parts of machine, including the cushion pad. The sound from cushion pad is mainly because of loose screw. Try to tighten it up, this problem could be handled.

  1. Sound from synchronousbelt

The synchronous belt is installed too tight or too loose will cause some danger. Adjust the belt reasonably will eliminate this unnecessary failure.

  1. Periodic resonance

The periodic resonance mentioned here is caused by motor and mechanical drive parts. An effective way to avoid this problem is try to adjust revolving speed avoiding inherent frequency.

  1. Inappropriate gap

After a long time utilization of machine, some mechanical parts become so loose that leads to huge gap between drive parts. Tight up every part of the machine and timely check is necessary.

  1. Granule materials

The granule material is a very crucial factor to avoid so many tabletting problems. The viscosity of powder, dimension and uniform size are all the problems to cause defects, tablet picking and sticking, etc. Regrind the powder into appropriate uniform size, neither too big nor too small. Or improve tabletting process with advanced accessible technology so that improve the quality of pills.

  1. Aging and wearing parts.

All the machine parts, including axle, bearing, gear box, need to be check regularly and apply some suitable lubricant. Aging and wearing parts will influence normal operation and possibly damage the machine.

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