How to Do Routine Inspection and Maintenance on Tablet Press Machine I

The correct use and proper operation can help prolong the service life of the tablet press machine so it can bring out its best performance. This paper will illustrate an elaborate explanation, from technical aspect and practical experience, to better keep them at service in a reasonable period.

We begin this article with a brief look at some common problems caused by the spare parts of the tablet press machine. These may include:


Overload protection system

Overload Protection System Fault Analysis and Solution: The main reason of the frequent alarm is compression pressure overload or the pressure setting of overload protection spring is too small, the solution is to adjust the pressure hand wheel, reduce the pressure or increase the overload protection spring set pressure.


Gear box

Gear box is composed of a worm wheel, worm and the cabinet, the common fault analysis and solutions: gearbox oil leakage is mainly caused by the flange screws loosen or seal aging, the solution is to tighten the flange screws or replace the seal and sealant.


Electrical parts

(1) A few minutes after boot is down: mostly because of excessive pressure makes the overload, the pressure should be reduced, re-start.

(2) The oil pump does not oil or oil too much: oil pump do not oil so that the guide rail, punch and other parts are not lubricated, oil too much will pollute tablets, mostly the reason is because the drive parameter setting problem, reset the inverter parameters to adjust the oiling time.

(3) Auxiliary power is no power: mostly because of line problems, check the line resolved.

(4) Tachometer, counter does not display, key failure, the panel bad, bad axial fans, warning lights broken, bulb is broken, rectifier bridge burnout. Electrical component failure have line problems, must be inspected lines, electrical parts damaged must be replaced to solve.

(5) Auxiliary section: The auxiliary part is the vacuum cleaner, the fault is mostly host connection or improper configuration, specific problems can be investigated to solve.

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