How to Deal With Punch and Die Breaking and Rupture?


It is a common and normal phenomenon that many customers will encounter punch and die breaking and rupture. Punch breaking is not only because of its poor and rough workmanship but also largely due to improper operation and inaccurate solution. Pill press machine breaking easily occurs in upper punch and lower punch. As we all know, punch and die tooling has always been playing a significant part in machine. Each part of punch broke or ruptured will undoubtedly influence the quality of pills as well as damage pill press machine. Regularly and frequently checking punch and die set becomes obviously necessary.
Upper punch breaking will influence feeder’s normal operation, while lower punch will be relevant to lower slide way. Meanwhile, installing a breaking protection device is possible to prevent from a greater loss in case of breaking and rupture of punch and die. When the punch tooling appears any breaking or rupture, immediately stop machine and figure out direct factors. Overcome the problems. Some possible factors leading to punch and die breaking are demonstrated below, and some suggested solutions.

● Inaccurate and rough craftsmanship
For one thing, good machine or tooling should be crafted towards more and more accurate and precise, no matter the coherence among mechanical parts or the precision of mechanical parts itself.
CH 60

1.Punch head is crafted roughly, which will result in large coaxial error.
2.Alignment of upper punch and lower punch is not good. It is also a coaxial error problem.
3.Upper slide way is crafted roughly. A few defects are lurked becoming a hidden danger.

● Improper operation and solution
For another thing, improper operation will also brings some unimaginable consequences. Respecting punch and die breaking and rupture, sometimes caused by improper solution of unnormal operating condition, sometimes by delayed clearance. Hence, it proves that many factors from every perspective will lead to punch braking. Correct ways to employ and handle are key to keep machine running well.
1.Punching hole is filled with residual powder, and not promptly remove it. In addition, lack of lubricant in punch head makes it worse. When lifting upper punch becomes very difficult, it will easily give rise to breaking and rupture of tooling.
2.Strong pressure. Strong pressure will influence compression bar’s normal operation. When compression bar loses its balance, pill press tooling will not cooperate well, which will largely damage punch tooling and machinery equipment.
monkey head stamping dies
3.Upper punch itself is not in a good heat treatment. The rupture in punch existed before occupying. When it is pressed in an intense pressure, the rupture becomes bigger.
4.Every punch and die tooling should has its lifespan. Long-term use for punch tooling is not suitable. Generally speaking, a good tooling could press out 30 million to 50 million pills. After its service time, it should be demounted and install a new one.

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