How to Control the Weight of Tablets

As we know that the punch machines can be used not only in the pharmaceutical industry but also in chemical, food, electronic, and cosmetic industries. These press machine can press not only round tablets but also different geometrical shape tablets. But how can the  tablet press fabricate diverse weight of the tablets?

Concerning the rotary tablet press, after mounting the feeder between the upper punch and lower punch, the filling regulator can be utilized to adjust the weight of the tablet. With the spiral effect , it goes rise or fall to control the filling volume. The tablet weight adjuster also play a crucial role in regulating the thickness of the tablets. It can cause the free falling movement with utilizing the gravity of the powder and grains, on this account the redundant material can be removed so as to meet the weight needs.

Furthermore, preloading procedure is of great significance to eliminate the blanking air form the dies, enhancing the efficiency of the operations and shortening the time of the tablet compression. Meanwhile it can ameliorate the quality and accuracy of the tablets.

Weight control on tablet press machine rotary tablet pressIt should be noted that the upper guide rail and lower guide rail don’t act on the tablets veritably, in fact the implementation of the real pressure on the tablets is upper punch and lower punch. When the upper and lower punch are at the stage of pressuring with being aligned with the up and down roller, then the maximum pressure emerged. The lower punch will subsequently shift up along the lower guide rail, and the pressing procedure of the tablets is accomplished.

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