How to choose the right Multi-Tip Tablet Tooling

KOS Industry understands all aspects of the tableting process because we have dedicated ourselves to providing world-class quality tooling and machinery to the pharmaceutical industry. For many years we have strived to reach an uncomparable level of customer service, including customer satisfaction, customer communication and mutual trust. Our large customer base is the result of our advanced technology and meticulous service, meeting customers’ needs as well as suggesting cost-effective solutions.
Multi-tip tablet tooling is designed for increasing output which also results in long term cost saving. In addition, multi-cavity tooling allows you to get twice output as much as single punch die could produce in the same amount of time. With each punch of multiple tip tablet die, you will get more than one piece of tablet. All in all, this tooling set is not only a cost saving mold but also a time saving maker.

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However, there are some misunderstandings of multi-tip pill punch tooling.
1.More tips is much better?
Not exactly. More tips, of course, could increase output and save time&manpower, but requires higher techniques and strict craftsmanship. With every punch on pressing tablets, compared with common punch die, multi-tip tooling needs much much stronger pressure to tamp every piece of tablet, which will easily break tooling tips.
2.How many tips on one tooling is suitable?
It depends on your production scale. For large scale production, Multi-tip tooling could be customized with dozens of tips. But for medium and batch production, for a safe and cost-effective consideration, triple-tip tablet tooling or quadruple-tip tooling is viable. In our company, the tooling could be tail-made on the condition that you offer dimension and specific requirement.
3.Multi-tip tooling is suitable for all kinds of tablet press machines?
No. It depends on mold size and machinery structure. Some rotary tablet press machines like ZP-9, and single punch pill press TDP-5, TDP-6 are all suitable. Installing multiple tips on tooling requires enough space, so only the bigger punch dies are appropriate to be exchanged with multi-tip tooling. If you are not sure about your machine, please must confirm your press machine type and tooling dimension with us before placing an order, we could offer you more practical suggestions.


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