How to Choose A Filling Machine?

Filling machines are used to fill liquid or paste in a container by filling nozzle, as a result, we differentiate them from liquid filling machine and paste filling machine. Based on the different containers, bottle, can, barrel, pouch, there are different types of paste filling machines. It is suitable used in the industrial fields, food&beverage, cosmetics, personal care, agriculture, animal care, pharmaceutical and chemical, etc.
Filling by machine helps improve the productivity and reduce the product lost. It is a scientific way to avoid cross-contamination between production environment and filling materials. Hence, more liquid or paste product industries adopt this way to fill bottles and tins.
Commonly used filling machines are divided into four types: atmospherical pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine, oil filling machine, vacuum filling machine.

► atmospherical pressure filling machine
Atmospherial pressure filling machine is a simple and direct filling style, and also a most widely used filling way. It relies on the Gravitational Effects of liquid itself, filling the bottle under atmospherical pressure. The whole filling system works in an open area. It is suitable for any liquid with good fluidity and non-carbonated beverage, like wine, milk, mineral oil, as well as some products need good sealing.
► pressure filling machine
This type of filling machine works under high pressure. During a filling cycle, a piston travels back to draw product from the hopper into a precision machined cylinder, then extends forward to fill. Product is dispensed into the container through a filling nozzle. Various nozzle configurations are available for specific products. It is suitable for filling some materials with high viscosity, like toothpaste, tomato sauce.
► oil filling machine
As the name implies, oil filling machine is used to fill oil product and some viscous materials. The filling speed can be adjusted in accordance with the size of bottle and bottleneck, effectively avoiding oil spilling. Some vegetable oil, lubricating oil, chemical oil is filled or packaged by this way.
► vacuum filling machine
Vacuum filling machine adopts the operation principle that different pressure in the bottle and outside atmosphere generates vacuum suction to pump liquid into container. Much lower pressure in the vacuum bottle connected with a vacuum chamber is brought out by vacuum bump. It is widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical industry and some special fields, for the product need to be isolated with outside air to ensure quality of the product, like canned meat/fruit, chemical injection, etc.

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