How to Calculate Filling Speed of Liquid Filling Machine


Many factors, such as material performance, filling access and structure of packaging container, can influence filling time. And the combined action of the above decides the flow condition of material during filling process. In other words, the flow condition of material directly affect the filling time.

Based on hydromechanics, there are two statuses when fluid in the flow process. One is stable flow status; the other is unstable flow status. Main methods used in the filling machine are Quantitative Filling Method and Quantitative Cup-measuring Filling Method which are controlled by the volume of the packaging container. Quantitative filling method has the basic condition of stable flow status, while quantitative cup-measuring filling method belongs to unstable flow status. Here we will explain filling time calculations under both flow statuses in details.

Liquid Filling Machine

  1. Filling time under the stable flow status

When pipe orifice extends to bottleneck, liquid level of reservoir tank remains unchanged, pressure of gas-phase space in the reservoir tank and packaging container remains unchanged too, the filling process is a stable pipe orifice effluent, which means the volume (V) of liquid material is constant. It is thus clear that no matter enlargement of filling access area or rising the height between reservoir tank or pipe orifice and increasing differential pressure can shorten filling time. From the aspect of differential pressure, establish some certain vacuum degree in the packaging container during filling and force filling liquid material under the differential pressure, which can improve the filling rate. However, you should consider not to filling too fast when aggrandizing area, height and pressure difference in order to realize stable filling process. Also that the liquid lever should exceed the pipe orifice needs to be considered so as to reach the accuracy in time.

  1. Filling time under the unstable flow status

When liquid levels of quantitative cup and packaging container is at constant pressure, the filling process is under unstable flow status. When pipe orifice extends to bottleneck, and with the decreasing gradually of liquid level of quantitative cup, liquid filling machine can slow down correspondingly. That means the volume (V) of liquid material is variable. In a word, if needs to improve the filling speed, access section area and filling speed coefficient should be increased and flow resistance should be reduced.
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