A perfect lipstick, not matter glossy lipstick or matte lipstick, should be smooth and slick without any scratches and air bubbles. In addition, it can not be too greasy or too dry when putting on. So the questions are: How to avoid scratches and air bubbles? And how to balance moisture degree and let user’s lip feel comfortable whenever?


As a lipstick mold and machine producer, we have confidence to answer you the first question. As for the second question, we believe that each cosmetics company has their own ideas and experience and we do not have to provide more suggestions.

  • Scratch

Scratch can only make a difference when it exists inside the mold where lipstick paste directly touches. Even a small scratch will affect the completeness of lipstick finish and that’s why we pay much attention to it. Firstly, after receiving the mold, our customers are usually suggested to check if the product is in good condition and has any damages. Secondly, when cleaning, maintaining the mold, or making lipsticks, please remember to protect the inside and avoid destruction that caused by fingernail or edge tools.

But fortunately, scratch is actually very easy to deal with. In case of a small number of scratches, take the mold to get polished. After being polishing by a polisher, the scratches will disappear and the inside will return smooth.

  • Air bubble

Air bubble here means sunken tiny hole on the lipstick, which may caused during the process of lipstick making or lipstick finish transportation. But now we only discuss the solutions to avoid air bubbles during the procedure of lipstick making.

As a matter of fact, the problem of “air bubble”, like experimental error, it is thought to be inevitable, and scale production is no exception. The only thing we can do is minimizing the occurrence of it. Here we can divide into two cases:

  • Manual operation
  • When filling the mold, the liquid should not be too hot.
  • Slightly lean the mold when filling like the picture Please don’t over lean it in case the liquid spills out from the mold.


  • Be careful of the filling speed, it should not be too fast.
  • After filling the mold, if possible, stir the liquid in the mold with a slim needle a few times before cool forming to let the air escape.
  • Automated operation:

Generally, automated filling machine can reduce bubbles when filling to a certain degree.

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