How To Assemble And Disassemble Lipstick Molds

As a category of kosindustry product list, lipstick mold is the simplest one. It is no exaggeration to say the construction of lipstick mold is as uncomplicated as a toy for children. After reading this instruction, coupled with our video, we believe that all of our customers will find no difficulty in assembling and disassembling lipstick molds.

  • A picture tells about the construction of  lipstick mold

multi-cavity mold

From the above picture, you can easily learn that a complete lipstick mold is made up of three parts: an upper mold, two lower mold( usually called left lower mold and right lower mold), three screws. Both of the upper mold and lower molds are made in high quality ultra hard polished aluminum material, which guarantees convenience and durability during and after multiple repeated assembling and disassembling.

    • Three steps to disassemble lipstick molds
    • Step 1: Take out the upper mold, as there are no screws to fix it, you can just raise it gently.

lipstick mold

    • Step 2: Unscrew the three screws on the lower mold.

lipstick mold3

    • Step 3: After unscrewing all the screws, the lower mold can be separated into two parts ( these are exactly the left lower mold and right lower mold we mentioned above)

lipstick moldSimilarly, only three steps are needed to assemble lipstick molds as well. As a matter of fact, just simply reverse the above three steps and the lipstick mold/lip balm mold can be assembled.

    • Three steps to assemble lipstick molds
    • Step 1: Merge the left lower mold and the right lower mold and coincide-justify each cavity on the lower mold.

lipstick mold

    • Step 2: Tighten up the two lower molds with three screws ( if you find it difficult to remove the lipstick bar from the cavity during the lipstick making process, you could loosen the screws slightly)

lipstick mold


  •  Step 3: Having tightened up all the screws, cover the upper mold. Then a complete lipstick mold appears.
    lipstick mold

    • Tips
    • It is necessary to disassemble the mold to do some cleaning;
    • Be careful of the sharp edge and angles and do not be hurt by them;
    • During the assembling and disassembling process, avoid scratching the mold, especially the area in contact with lipsticks.
    • Avideo of assembling and disassembling lipstick molds is available at our website, you can learn more from it.
    • More guides about lipstick molds are coming soon.
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