How to Achieve a Stable State for Fruit and Vegetable Juice

High Shear Emulsifying Pump is used as the pump equipment for continuous production and emulsification, which is connected to the pipeline of a production line. The non-emulsified materials flow into the feed inlet through the pump cavity. After being emulsified, the materials drain out of the discharge hole. The pump cavity inside the high shear emulsifying pump is equipped with 1 to 3 sets of multilayer stators and rators with dual bite. When the power is connected, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed. A strong axial suction is generated in the pump cavity to draw the materials in. The high-speed rotation of the rotor causes the materials to be sheared, dispersed and emulsified in the narrow space of the pump cavity to have them fully emulsified. Meanwhile, it is helpful to eliminate quality differences in different batches to install the emulsifying pump in the pipeline of a production line. Besides, the machine also has a low lift delivery function with stable operation and convenient use.
Emulsifying Pump


In reality, KOS High Shear Emulsifying Pump is often used to stabilize fruit and vegetable juice. But how? Actually, most fruit and vegetable juice belong to polyphase dispersion such as solid-liquid or liquid-liquid. To achieve a homogeneous and stable state, the high shear emulsifying pump is needed. In fruit and vegetable juice, the flesh is the dispersoid and the juice is the dispersion medium. To mix them together perfectly, apart from the stabilizer, the high shear emulsion pump is also a must-have device. The high shear pump contributes to mixing and homogenizing fruit and vegetable juice, which makes the fruit and vegetable materials fully blended in the state of free turbulence. With the high shear action in the state of laminar flow, the suspended particles in the juice decreases in radius while increases in superficial area. When the number of the particle collision increases, the particles are more likely to polymerize to get stable.

From the above, we can see that the emulsifying machine brings great homogenization and dispersion effect to the solid particles and liquid droplets in fruit and vegetable juice, so it achieves emulsification for the solid phase and liquid phase by the high shear principle. Thus, the thick liquid, juice and liquid in fruit and vegetable juice can be adequately refined and mixed to get good uniformity and fineness. Regarding the stability, the solid particles and aggregation are fully milled and the liquid droplets are further dispersed and emulsified to make the juice stable and homogeneous and the taste smooth.

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