[VIDEO]How the Rotary Tablet Press Works?

Rotary tablet press machine is the mechanical and pharmaceutical device with multiple stations of tooling installed on the turret to compress powders into pills and tablets of different size with uniform shape and even weight. High yield and fast production of tablets can be achieved simultaneously.
The working principle of rotary tablet press includes 3 main processes, powder filling, compression, and tablet discharge. On the machine, the head of the machine holds the upper punches, dies and lower punches called tablet tooling. Lower punches are in the rotary motions. As the heads rotate, the punches are moving up and down by fixed cam tracks which controls all the stages of production process.

◆ Working Principle of Rotary Tablet Press
1.Powder filling
When the powders reaches the rotary or gravity feeder from the material supply, the filling cam below the feeder pulls the lower punch down by a fixed amount and the dies are filled with powders. The quantity of materials filled in is larger than the actual amount required. Thereafter, the dosing unit lifts the lower punches.
2.Tablet compression
Then the upper cam courses lower the upper punches until they have been inserted into the dies. The lower punches will guide the pre-compression cam that begins when the punches go a little more into the dies. The tablets reach their final thickness and hardness during main compression.
3.Tablet discharge
Then the upper cam course pulls the upper punches into their top position and simultaneously the ejection device lifts the lower pinches until the tablets are ejected out of the dies. The tablet will be stripped from lower punches and pass to the discharge chute.

◆ Prominent Advantages of Rotary Tablet Press
A.It is widely used in medical, pharmaceutical and industrial fields.
B.It is feasible for large scale production, making same output with less time and cost.
C.Hard and thick tablets could be made in good effect with great pressure.
D.It can work continuously without high maintenance cost on machine itself and tablet tooling.
E.Make tablets of perfect sizes and shapes and have a accurate control of tablet features.


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