How KOS Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Works


KOS Vacuum emulsifying mixer is a tilt-able vacuum emulsifying machine for the production of viscous emulsions and suspensions in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Generally, vacuum emulsification equipment is made of main emulsification blender, oil pot, water pot, vacuum system, hydraulic lifting system, tilting system for the main emulsifying mixer, heating and cooling system, temperature control system and electrical control panel etc. The main emulsification mixer consists of a high speed rotor stator homogenizer and counter-rotating centre agitator and side scraper. All this components are mounted from the top of the cover. The oil and water pot have exactly the same construction. There’s a high speed disperser mounted from the top of the cover which helps dissolve the ingredients. Some customers will omit the oil and water phase mixers and keep the main emulsification machine only. It is a complete process of mixing, dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing, vacuum, heating and cooling in one unit. Today we will talk about how it works.

Firstly, the outer frame agitator rotates slowly clockwise during the mixing process. Meanwhile, the inner straight impeller rotates counter slowly clockwise and moves material downward into the high speed homogenizing and emulsifying zone. Side scraper will scrape materials off the emulsifying tank wall and moves upwards so that materials will won’t stick to the wall and burn.

Secondly, these two opposite forces by center agitator and side scraper, materials roll over the vacuum emulsification blender from top to bottom and back to top circularly. When material is completely mixed, heat is quickly transferred to every part though the inside wall.

Thirdly, in the heart of vacuum emulsification machinery, the shear gap between the rotor and stator generate strong suction forces which cut, shear, emulsify and homogenize materials repeatedly. Water ring type vacuum pump helps transfer the ingredients from the oil and water phase tanks to the main emulsification plant. And oil hydraulic pump is used to lift the cover of main emulsification mixer. Safety devices are equipped to guarantee that the mixing part won’t start when the cover is lifted.

Emulsifying Mixer

KOS vacuum emulsifying machine is suitable for cream and emulsions of 10,000~ 50,000 cps viscosities and working capacity are from 50L and 2000L. Even though it is heavy duty machine, it is easy to operate and maintain. If you don’t know how to use it, we KOS will provide you video service to show you how to assemble, use and maintain it. Moreover, if you have any technical problems, just summit it to Our technical team will answer your questions. Or you can go to visit our website:


If you need to buy high shear mixer/high shear emulsifier/high shear homogenizer or vacuum emulsifying equipment,please send your request detail to our expert email or send your product process flow chart to our expert email.We will give you a professional mixer/emulsifier/homogenizer or emulsifying process solutions.Our emulsifying expert email:

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