How Easy is It to Produce Supplement for Sale

The supplement is generally produced in the form of tablet, pill, or capsule. Whatever form it is, we must use machines to make granules into a tablet or capsule. Before putting the supplement into market, we need to make them into mass production and pack them with molding template and covering. Hence, the whole pills making process is mainly generalized into 3 courses, to prepare the granules based on the formula, to compress granules into tablet or pill shape, and to package.

  • To prepare the granules

A professional pharmacist must know that the powder materials should be composed of two main parts, the effective ingredients and the excipients. All the ingredients and excipients are mixed evenly conforming to the formula (a certain proportion). In this course, we usually use the grinding machine or a pulverizer to smash the materials into powder, and drying machine to drain the moisture, and mixing machine to blend all the granules regularly.



  • To make a tablet

How to make the prepared granules into a tablet shape is what the tablet press machine should achieve. Feeding the materials into hopper, and then let them flow into the feeder, and into the middle die cavity. At this moment, the up punch will go down and the down punch will up to meet each other in the middle die with an amount of granules between them. And then continue to go up and down to compact the unconsolidated powder into a compacted tablet. And then the up punch lifts up and leaves the middle die, the down punch continues to go up until eject the tablet out. And then a scrapper will push the tablet out the machine. By then, the tablet press machine has completed all his work to make an integrated tablet.

However, there are many different types of tablet press in the market, single punch tablet press for small batch production or laboratory use, and rotary tablet press for industrial or business bulk production. Then how to choose a tablet press? In general, we should take some prime elements into consideration, like the size, shape, imprint, production scale, corrosivity, etc. The rotary tablet press ZP9 is good to make hard tablets from 3mm to 12mm, with 16,200 pieces produced in one hour. And the medium-high speed tablet press ZP-35D is a high-level pharmaceutical machine, which can be used to make bi-colored supplement and tablets with intricate imprint.


  • To package

After making tablets, we should consider to pack them. Based on the form of packing, we need to use different machines to help. To pack into a bottle, we need counting machine and sealing machine to pack accurately. To pack into a pill case, we need sealing machine and packaging machine.

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