How does high-shear emulsifying machine works


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WRL type high shear emulsifying machine is efficient  rapid and uniform phase or one phase is distributed to another plurality of continuous phase  whereas in the respective phases are usually mutually insoluble Due to the high tangential speed and high frequency mechanical effect produced by the high speed rotation of the rotor caused by strong momentum  so that immiscible solid  liquid gas in the joint action of the corresponding mature technology and the amount of additives  instant uniformly fine dispersed emulsion  after high-frequency circulation  finally get a stable high quality products

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WRL high-shear emulsifier work process steps


1.The centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation of the rotor the figure of the material while working chamber from the axial suction feed zone work from top to bottom of the head

2.Strong centrifugal force the material thrown from the radial meditation a narrow gap between the rotor precision Meanwhile by centrifugal extrusion impact and other forces so that the material initially dispersed emulsion

3.In the outer end of the high-speed rotation of the rotor to produce at least 15m / s linear velocity than a maximum to 40m / s  and the formation of strong mechanical and hydraulic shear  fluid friction crash tear so that the material fully dispersed  emulsified  homogeneous crushing and emitted through the stator slot

4.Material continuously at high speed from the radially emitted change the flow in the material itself and the resistance of the container wall  on the same time zone generated in the rotor  under the action of axial suction force and the formation of the upper and lower two shares strong flip breath flow  After several cycles of materials  the final completion of dispersion emulsification homogenization process

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