How Does A Rotary Tablet Press Produce High Quality Tablets(part 2)

The tablet press, for nowadays, are widely applied in many fields, no matter for the single punch tablet press or the rotary tablet making machine. People are more likely to accept daily things in the form of tablet, like the nutraceutical tablets, candies, milk tablets, detergents, salt block, etc. Therefore, the tablet press machine appeared to meet this demand. Based on the size, thickness, and hardness of the tablets, tablet press selection is a quite professional work. To make most use of machine and for financial consideration, the single punch tablet press should be applied to small batch production or lab use, while the rotary tablet press including the medium-high speed and high speed press are more suitable to be used for mass production.

Whatever fields the tablet press devote in, quality control will always be the most concerned. Compared with the manual pill press and the single punch tablet presser, the rotary tablet press is a mature machine to make high quality tablets, on which professional design and accurate components are equipped. So what makes the rotary tablet press stand out? And how does it secure tablet quality? As summarized, there are 5 possible reasons.

III Rotary Tablet and Tablet Tools

Rotary Tablet Press2017112904


Rotary tablet, also named turret, can embrace stations of punch dies. Besides the round tablets, some irregular shaped tablets are also in demand. Different sized and shaped tablets are determined by the tablet tools. So different tablets are realized by replacing different molds on. However, there are two types of the turret:  one for embracing the normal molds for making round shaped tablets, and another one for installing the special molds for creating the irregular shaped tablets with pins are designed to fix the dies, so that the irregular shaped punches can fall into the die accurately and finish the compression.





IV Tablet Thickness Adjust System

Actually, tablet thickness is determined by both the filling amount and pressure. The former one is controlled by the feeding system we introduced above. The more of the filling amount, the thicker the tablet will be. Likewise, the more pressure exerted, the thinner the tablets will be. To precisely control and adjust the thickness and filling amount, the control panel is designed

The pressure, on a rotary tablet press, can be analyzed as pre-compression and main compression. Two stages of the compression realize a step-up compression process. Pre-compression can exclude air among the granules in the middle die, which effectively avoid the air pocket on the tablet surface. And the main compression has the biggest pressure worked on the punches, so the materials are compacted into hard tablets. As a matter of fact, the pressure is closely related to the depth the punches stretch into the dies during the compression process. The more the punches in the die, the bigger pressure can created.

Rotary Tablet Press2017112903

Rotary Tablet Press2017112902



V Safety and Sanitary Guaranteed Device

To protect the tablet compression machine, the overload protection device is equipped. The machine can stop automatically in case of over-pressure to protect the punch pins from being damaged.

Adopted transparent windows, tabletting state can be clearly observed. And the windows can be opened, which is provides convenience for cleaning and maintenance. The surface and turret are made of stainless steel with glossy surface, and can avoid contamination and cross-contamination in the tabletting course.

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