How Can We Reduce And Avoid The Lipstick Bubbles

As we all know, a perfect lipstick must have smooth and fine texture surface. The delightful texture allows the users to color their lips easily and perfectly. Thus, the lipsticks with delightful textures are considered as lipsticks with high quality. There’s no doubt that the high-quality lipsticks are warmly chased by women. Therefore, the lipstick manufacturers spare no effort to create the high-quality lipsticks so that they can establish themselves in an unassailable market. However, strictly following the footsteps of lipsticks making, sometimes they find that there are some bubbles on the lipstick balms. Not only will the bubbles destroy the good appearance of lipstick, but also they have a great impact on the lipstick quality.

How can the vacuum eliminate the bubbles? Before we have a bettering understanding of the Kos Vacuum Lipsticks Deaerator Liquid Foundation Defoaming Cosmetic Machinery, we had better to figure out the causes of bubbles. Why the lipsticks create bubbles? Basically speaking, the bubbles are often caused by the improper operation. Everything has its clearance. So did the lipstick liquid phase. When the air has a close touch with the liquid, it will enter the clearance of water and then the small bubbles appear. The bubbles are larger and larger and they will make the lipstick balm uneven. In order to reduce and eliminate the bubbles, two key steps are needed to pay attention. One is the drive the bubbles away before it is transferred to the filling machine. The other is to have a good control on the filling temperature and stirring speed. The former can be worked out with the Kos Vacuum Lipsticks Deaerator Liquid Foundation Defoaming Machine.

Just as we mentioned above, when the air enter the liquid, the bubbles come out. Thus, it would be a better way for the manufacturers to apply the vacuum defoaming machine. This machine is designed to eliminate air bubbles in the lipsticks, lip gloss, cream, liquid foundation and any other paste through. The vacuum bucket allows the liquid phase to drive the air away, keeping the liquid in a vacuum condition through which the vacuum defoaming machine can reduce and eliminate the bubbles. When the lipstick machine begins to work, it will dispel the air gradually. Not until the machine eliminate the bubbles fully, can the phase be transferred to the filling machine. Although we have eliminated the bubbles before the filling step, probably the bubbles may come out when the liquid is in the filling machine. Later, we would like to talk more on the filling machine.
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