How Can We Maintain And Use The Three-Roll Mill More Efficiently?

As we all know, the three-roll machine is a grinding machine used to mix, refine and disperse the ingredients. After a series of mix, refine and disperse, the ingredients will usually be grinded into the uniform paste. Just as its name shows, there are three horizontal rolls on the machine. Each of them works in opposite direction, through which they create shear force to make the paste smoother and finer. The rolls also rotate at different speeds. When the machine works, the users need to place the paste on the feed rolls. With the iterative milling, the paste will be fully mixed and dispersed. Do these processes make a perfect paste? That’s far from being desired. There are still many specifications needed to pay attention to when using the three roll mill.
cosmetics machinery

Before we use this cosmetic machinery, there are mainly two steps we need to finish. One is to figure out whether the machine functions well. We can check the lipstick machine from 3 perspectives. Firstly, we need to check out the surface of the three rolls. Generally, the surface of rolls must be clean without any residues. Otherwise, it may be mixed with the paste, descending the quality of paste. What’s worse, the paste maybe polluted. As soon as you find out the residue, it would better for you to remove it with the cleaning wiper. Then you can test whether the scraper of the rolls is sharp enough. The blunt scraper will reduce the work efficiency. Of course, the paste will not be milled fully. Last but not least, lubrication section of the machine is also needed to notice. If the lubrication is not enough and still works, the frication of machine will be added. The frication will reduce the service life of this lipstick machine. If it is a lack of lubricant, just add it.

lipstick machine

Except for the inspection of lipstick machine, we also need to prepare for the mill previously. What else do we need to prepare for? Loosen the rolls first. It would be better for the users to adjust the distance of the rolls to rolls so that the ingredients can be milled fully. Besides, we need to prepare a barrel. The barrel can accommodate the final paste and it is convenient for the users to move to the heating steps. What we need to mention here is to make sure that the barrel is clean enough. A dirty barrel will destroy the paste. Then we can turn on the valve where the cool water goes through.

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