How Can The Inline Mixer Make Your Juice Stable And Fine?

Famous for its healthy and nutritional concept, the juice is preferred and selected by more and more consumers. Aiming to capture the consumers’ hearts, the manufacturers spare no effort to improve their juice. The juice with high quality must be featuring in its color uniformity, muddy and stable texture and wonderful taste. When the juice is static, there may be some precipitation at the bottom; when shaking it, the juice will be muddy evenly again. Thus, the emulsification is one of the most important processes in the juice production.

Since the juice is mainly in liquid situation, the effective and efficient emulsifying machine is the key to create stable and homogeneous juice. The Kos-240 Inline High Shear Mixeris specialized in its extraordinary refiner and blend. The Kos-240 Inline Emulsifier 2.2KW 220V Homogeneous Pumps for Food Industry allows the juice to stay at the highly stable and homogeneous situation. As long as the juice materials are absorbed into the chamber from the feed hole, they will have a close touch with the rotor and stator. Encountering the rotor and stator, the materials will be sheared, centrifugally extruded, impacted and dispersed broken. Finally, the juice will be fully mixed and homogenized. Later, it will be transferred to the bucket through discharge hole. The emulsification is almost finished. The high performance emulsifier can also achieve the continuous production and circular processing of fine material. Thus, the mixer can improve the quality of juice effectively. When the juice enters the chamber, the suspended particles of juice will be sheared strongly. With the increasing crushing of particles, the particles of juice will get smaller and smaller. Not until it reached stability and homogenization, did the mixer finish its emulsification. Thus, your juice will become stable, homogeneous and tasteful with delightful texture.
inline homogenizer

The Kos-240 Homogenizer Machine 2.2KW 220V homogenizer pump for Food Industry is high performance equipment producing and circularly treating refined materials. It is equipped with a set of rotor and stator and the dive shaft is directly connected with the motor. The high shear force will be created by the fast-running rotor and it can mix, disperse, emulsify, homogenize and extract the materials. The simple structure enables the users to operate the mixer easily and conveniently. It is also capable of conveying function. Meanwhile, the maximum operating temperature can reach 300℃, enhancing the process of mix, dispersion and emulsification. With this inline mixer, the emulsification effect will be enhanced efficiently and effectively.

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