How do you usually evaluate lipsticks? We believe that most consumers would give an evalution based on ingredients, color, gloss, shape, moisture,durability and so on. As a matter of fact, the lipstick mold are able to directly determine these three indexes: gloss, shape and durability. With regard to lipstick shape, today we would like to introduce our best-seller—common beak shape lipstick mold.
Common beak shape lipstick mold, also called waterdrop shape lipstick mold, is nearly the most popular shape these years. The lipstick it make presents sharp top and elliptical bottom, just like a full waterdrop. This shape is perfectly designed according to the lip, which enables even and smooth applying enjoyment. Compared with plastic lipstick mold and silicone lipstick mold, our ultra hard aluminum lipstick mold is capable of keeping the finished top as “waterdrop” shape without breakage and scratch to the greatest extend.
Before reading this passage, you may consider that the gloss of lipstick is affected by its ingredients, however ingredients don’t make any difference on its gloss in fact. Here comes a classification of lipstick molds: highlight lipstick mold and matte lipstick mold. Are you still confused about what I mention above? Then look the two following pictures:

lipstick mould

lipstick mould1
The highlight lipstick mold here doesn’t mean it is polished. On the contrary, matte lipstick mold doesn’t mean it isn’t polished. The difference between highlight lipstick mold and matte one is that the lipsticks they make look different. Lipstick made by highlight lipstick mold is bright and has a satin sheen; and the lipstick made by matte lipstick mold has a relatively dull color. Not only the lipstick but also your lip can feel the special difference between them. The technology is also capable of being applied to common beak/ waterdrop shape lipstick molds. Should you have interest in matte lipstick molds, please contact us via or We could provide custom lipstick molds service for our customers.
Last but not least, we would like to lay stress on durability of lipsticks. Having experimented for several times, we are confident to announce that our ultra hard aluminum lipstick molds do well in avoiding disjunction during the whole lipstick making process. Just like the most outstanding characteristic of aluminum lipstick mold—ultra hard—the lipstick is tough, straight and slick.
At present, we have single cavity lipstick molds, 4 cavity lipstick molds, 6 cavity lipstick molds and 12 cavity lipstick molds for common beak shape in stock for your selection. Why not have a trial now?

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