High-quality Three-roll Lipstick Grinding Machine

There’s no doubt that the three-roll lipstick grinding machine is one of the most effective and efficient machines to grind the finest phase among the wet grinding machines. It is widely used in the production of high viscosity phase including cosmetic products and painting products. Not only can it mill the materials fully and finely, but also it is easy to be operated. It can be improved though the regulation of the interval created by roll and roll manually. Therefore, even though the structure of three-roll mill is simple, it is very easy and convenient for the users to operate. We have mentioned the high performance alloy chilled rolls and strong high shear force last time. There are still many different kinds of aspects.


The transmission system of three-roll three-roller lipstick ingredient grinder is dedicated to the production of lipsticks. Motivated by the chain wheel, the transmission system of three roll mill can run effectively and efficiently. What’s more, the gear of grinder will provides machine with surprising energy. This outstanding design allows the machine to be operated stably and effectively. Moreover, the transmission system of grinder can work with any noise, enhancing work efficiency. With such amazing transmission system, the three-roll grinding machine will definitely help the users to improve their work efficiency. That’s exactly what the manufacturers really need.


Not only will the lipstick machine work stably and efficiently, but also it is easy and convenient for the users to operate the machine. Just as we mention above, the free-noise operation will contribute to high performance machine. Free-noise grinder machine is highly appreciated by manufacturers in that it is easy and convenient for them to remove the error of machine. The roll pitch can be adjusted conveniently through the hand wheel. What we need to mention here is that with the adjusting of roll pitch, the abrasive grain will be changed.


Apart from the transmission system and easy operation, the cooling system will also help the grinder to mill the best quality. As we all know, the over high temperature can be caused by the friction. Too much heat will destroy the molecule, leading to the poor quality. It will not only spoil the quality of lipstick phase, but also it will shorten the lifespan of grinding machine. It may lead to the destruction of grinder. Therefore, it is necessary for the three-roll lipstick grinding machine to equip with the cooling system. It is important for the users to check whether the cooling water is enough or not.



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