Here Are Some Additional Notes For The High Shear Emulsifying Mixer

The high shear emulsifying mixer plays an important role in the makeup production. The immiscible materials will be processed in the narrow space between the stator and rotor. The fast-running rotor which creates high shear force will shear, centrifugally extrude, impact and break the materials. With a series of dispersion, shearing and emulsification, the immiscible materials will be fully mixed and they will be fine and stable for a long period. It is so effective and efficient that the homogenizer mixer are warmly chased by manufacturers. It is widely used in the cosmetic, paint, oil and other industry. However, when we operate the mixer, there are something needed to be paid attention to.

Make sure that the cooling water is prepared well before operation. It is necessary for the users to confirm the amount of cooling water so that it can reduce the risk of safety accidents. What’s worse, the lack of cooling water may lead to the short lifespan. When the machine begins to work, probably it may cause high temperature. Over high temperature will destroy the mixer and have a great impact on the lifespan of emulsifying mixer. The over high temperature may be caused by the materials too. If the homogenizer machine runs without materials, it will create high temperature. Thus, it is important for us to make sure the enough cooling water and the entry of materials in the working area before running the mixer. As long as we finish the emulsifying jobs, turn off the machine first. And then cut the cooling water.

Except for the cooling water, it would be better for us to focus on the stator and rotor. Just as we mentioned above, the rotor will be run at a high speed. As long as the materials enter the space created by the rotor and stator, the fast running rotors will have violent impact with the materials. It will shear, disperse and emulsify, which means that the rotor will suffer from the abrasion. Not only will the wear rotor reduce the dispersing and emulsifying effect, but also it may cause safety incidents. So did the stator. Therefore, checking the stators and rotors is quite essential. What we need to pay attention to here is to avoid the entry of hard things in case of the ruin of stators and rotors.

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