Health Care Tablets Vitamin Calcium to Be Made on Rotary Tablet Press

Tablet press, also known as tablet compression machine or tablet making machine, is often used in quite a range of fields. Besides the industries in pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, the health-care is also a main market for press machine.

The tablets made of granule or powder that should be compacted into tablet shape and whose effective ingredients are of health care can be made on tablet press machine.

Nutritious supplement: Vitamins, Calcium, protein tablets, mineral tablets, etc.

Disease prevention tablets: liver detox tablets, Prostate tablets, lecithin, milk thistle tablets, high strength cranberry tablets, etc.

Body regulation tablets: mens ultitive, womens ultivite, high strength organic vitex, menopause balance tablets, etc.


  • Health care tablet compression process

Before machine running, you should prepare the materials well which should undergo a series of raw materials treatment like pulverization, mixing, granulation, drying. And then convert the granules into tablet shape on the tablet press, ZP19 RTP19 tablet press is a medium-sized device that is suitable for bulk production for small factories. From granules to tablets, they must undergo 4 causes:

Powder Filling: At this stage, you’ll feed the tablet press machine with powder. That is, place your powder in the hopper from where it will flow to the tooling system of the machine ready for compression.

Scrapping: Accurate filling is critical in this stage to ensure tablet quality. The scrapper should remove excess powder from the die surface.

Tableting: With the powder filled in the dies to the right depth, the upper and lower punches begin to compress the powder.

Ejecting: Here the scraper will then remove the tablets from the compression machine to the discharge chute.


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