Hard Pills, Strong Tablet, Calcium, Candy to Be Made on Rotary Tablet Press ZP-9

ZP-9, rotary tablet press machine, is quite suitable to make hard pills and strong tablets. Compared with single punch tablet press and handheld pill press, ZP-9 is equipped with turret and motor, providing strong power to automatically drive every mechanical part.

What tablets can be made on ZP-9???

Western pills(eg. XANAX, G3722), Chinese herb medicine, calcium, confection, detergent tablet, and any tablets requiring hard and smooth surface.


Diameter of tablet varies from 3mm to 18mm.

Max thickness of tablet: 6mm.

NOTE: Thickness can be controlled by adjusting filling depth and pressure.

 Shape and Stamp

Shape: round, rectangle, oval, triangle, and other irregular shapes;

Stamp: characters, numbers, logo, line, cartoon. 

NOTE: Custom-made service is available. Any shape and stamp of punch tooling can be customized in accordance with your requirement.

 B tooling Or D tooling 

B tooling and D tooling could also be found in KOSBEST, which is suitable for  kilian Germany tablet press, Ima Italy tablet press, etc.



After-sale service is considerate as well as pre-sale service. Any questions about tablet press machine or punch tooling, you could  email to sales@tabletpresspillpress.com


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