Functions of the Main Parts of High-speed Rotary Tablet Press II

6.Lower Guide Rail

The main body of machine is a square box. The two lower compression rollers are inset left and right of the main body. The lower punches cling to the guide rail, and runs up and down.

Functions of the Main Parts of High-speed Rotary Tablet Press

  1. Lower Compression Roller Adjustment Device

The crankshaft runs through the main body. The extremity of the crankshaft is connected with spiral gear and worm. The worm will be slightly spined with the gear slowing down. When the eccentric of crankshaft goes up, the roller goes up too, then the pressure raise as well, the tablets will be thin, otherwise thick.


  1. Filling Adjustment Device

The filling adjustment device is in the inside of main body. We can see the crescent feeder on the turret. The filling amount is controlled by the position of lower punch. When the lower punch is set upward, the filling space is reduced, then filling amount is reduced as well. Contrarily, if the lower punch is set downside, the filling depth and filling amount is thus increased.

Functions of the Main Parts of High-speed Rotary Tablet Press


  1. Safety Device — Clutch

The transmission is horizontal installed in the main body, and the worm is lied centered. On the lateral, a hand-wheel is set to manually operate machine and debug. A cone clutch is on the rear. When we rotate the hand-wheel, the machine begins to run. When prepare to manually stop, we slow down the rotating speed. At this moment, the clutch begins to work as the spiral spring transmits force. When the load exceeds the pressure of the spring, the devices will slip so as to protect all the other components from damaging.


  1. C-shaped Variable-speedUnit

The variable speed unit lies on the motor shaft. Its internal attaches two beveled slices, which is supported by 12 spiral spring from two orientations, creating positive brunt. The method to change speed is to move motor, so as to adjust the distance of the two wheels. And the V-belt diameter is corresponding increased or reduced in a certain area. Therefore, the speed varies as the diameter changes.


  1. The motor and Its Base

According to different regulations on electricity, the volt can be generally to be 110v, 220v, and 380v. On the front gate of motor base, there is ampere meter, switch knob, indicator lights. When switches on, the green light on; when stops, red light on.


  1. Suction Device

The suction device is installed on the right of the motor base. On the downside of suction is powder storage chamber, and filter chamber is on left. Air blower is inside, which is transmitted by V-belt. The air blower will create suction force when it works, then the flying powder and dropping powder will fall into the storage chamber through a tube. The air will swerve and lift up into filter and extrude out. However, some particles will pile up and clog the filter as a long time running, and the powder will thus fly out from air blower, which is non-effective for powder elimination. Meanwhile, the operator should stop machine and remove and clean particles from tube and chambers.





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